Firma Produkcyjno-Usługowa BRAKOT, ul. Kraszewskiego 2, 41-800 Zabrze, tel./fax +48/509-774-426

Company Brakot S.C. Poland

ul. Kraszewskiego 2
PL-41-500 Zabrze
tel.: +48/32/27 73 100
fax: +48/32/27 73 100

General Information

Company Brakot S.C. came into being in year 1990. Company occupies oneself production and services. We administer two productive halls about total usable surface 420 m2. Institution possesses his of machinery own stock: locksmith's workshop, specialist tools to articles from metal and plastics. We possess from required devices own technological process to varnishing pulveraceous technics in high temperatures as well as develop units bended from metal. Firm house possesses family character. First her members and workers descended from the closest family grommet ring. Yet they caused that maintenance this juncture had not it been possible as well as demand marketable development. The firm house except members of family hires the staff 10 on full-time. We are open on development and the consequential with demand of inland market transformation and foreign.